connecting our customers with healthy ingredient solutions

We deliver healthy solutions to food manufacturers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and northern Iowa. Our focus is on supplying quality, wholesome food ingredients and technical support for new product development.
As a direct sales agent for our food ingredient manufacturers, we professionally and cost-effectively represent them in our territory. We spread our fixed costs among several companies, allowing our manufacturers to sell their products at a lower cost.


Photo of Eva Weyandt

Eva Weyandt
President and Owner

A daughter of Hungarian immigrants, Eva developed a passion for good cooking and good food through her mother's delicious Hungarian recipes made with real food and lots of flavor.

Eva’s entire career has been devoted to the food industry. She started as a Chemical Engineer at General Mills developing new cereals, and subsequently moved into technical food ingredient sales. Selling food ingredients, she has worked for Chr. Hansen Laboratories, Crompton & Knowles, and Fist Brokerage Co.

Eva started her own food ingredients brokerage practice with two partners in 2005 — JEM Ingredients. Her passion for health and nutrition drove her to found Core Food Ingredents in 2011, where she has focused on selling healthy, nutritious food ingredients to the food industry. In doing so, she aligns herself with suppliers who share her passion for wholesome food ingredients. Because of her many connections in the food industry, nurtured over her extensive career, she is a sought-after resource for her expertise.

Eva is a foodie, loves cooking, tracking food trends and checking out new restaurants. She enjoys staying on top of the latest industry news, which also helps her connect with new suppliers that will bring value to her customers.

Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC)
  • Women Who Really Cook (WWRC)

Chris Bowring
Customer Service Manager

Chris is integral to the operations of Core Food Ingredients, having provided customer service in the food industry for more than 30 years. She and Eva have been working together since 1995. Their partnership and strong collaboration is instrumental in providing great customer service, products and business advice to their customers.

Frequently the first point of contact for Core Food Ingredients' customers, Chris has a great understanding of the business and customer needs. It is often her daily contact with customers and suppliers that keeps the wheels turning at Core Food Ingredients.

Our Suppliers

Core Food Ingredients is proud to represent the following companies. We are focused on supplying quality, wholesome food ingredients and technical support for new product development. Over 34 years experience in the food industry, in both R&D and technical sales. Member of IFT, American Association of Cereal Chemists and Women Who Really Cook. Download a PDF of our supplier list.

AmTech Ingredients

Powdered Food Ingredients
Sweetener Powders:
Honey, Molasses, Maple Syrup
Specialty Powders:
Salad Mustard, Dijon Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce, Rochester Sauce, Hot Sauce, Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Lemon & Lime Juice
Vinegar Powders:
White Distilled,Balsamic, Apple Cider, Malt, Wine, Rice
Organic Products

BCFoods (formerly FDP USA)

Air Dried:
Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, Citrus Peel

Decas Cranberry Products

Sweetened Dried Cranberries:
Various Cuts including Whole, Natural and Glycerated,Fruit Juice Infused, Fruit Flavored, LeanCrans, Omega 3 Fortified
Cranberry Juice Concentrate
Organic Products

Everspring Farms

Sprouted Grains and Seeds, Including Organic

The Garlic Company

CA Grown Garlic:
Fresh - Whole Bulbs, Whole Peeled, Sliced, Diced, Crushed
Frozen - Diced and Puree
Shelf Stable & Brined - Whole/Sliced Cloves in Brine, Crushed with Citric Acid, Puree in Vinegar, Juice
Shelf Stable Dial-a-heat™ Jalapenos - Diced and Puree
Organic Products

The Ginger People®

Premium Ginger Products:
Crystallized, Candied Pulp, Purée, Juice, Freeze Dried Powder, Organic Ginger

Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts

Made from High Oleic Peanuts
Roasted Partially Defatted Peanut Flours:
12% and 28% Fat
Roasted Peanut Oils, Peanut Extract, Refined Peanut Oils, Organic Products

Honey Tree, Inc

Honey, Molasses, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Honey

Knouse Foods/The Musselman’s Applesauce People

Puree, Sauce, Butter, Slices, Dices, Chips and Juice
Fillings, Glazes and Preps, Bulk Aseptic Bake Stable Fruit Fillings, Low Water Activity Fruit Fillings


All natural blends of whole fruit and vegetable concentrates.

Pacific Farms

Dehydrated Garlic and Roasted Garlic
Instant Dehydrated Bean Flakes:
Black, Garbanzo, Pinto
IQF Asian Vegetables
IQF Pineapple Chunks and Lychee

Salba Smart Natural Products

Whole Seed and Milled Salba Chia, Sprouted Salba Chia, Organic Chia


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you find quality, wholesome ingredients for your new food products.

Eva Weyandt


Chris Bowring

Customer Service Manager

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